This Hollow’s Eve, join Eduardo’s Enoteca (1212 N. Dearborn St., Chicago, Illinois 60610), on October 28 at 7 pm as they light the black flame candle once again and summon the Sanderson sisters for Toil and Trouble dinner and a movie.

Tickets for the Hocus Pocus viewing party are $65 and includes a three course meal and two cocktails. The menu for this event includes your choice of the following listed below:

Caprese Skewers
Mini Meatballs
Butternut Squash Soup

Arugula Avocado
Roasted Squash, Kale, Goat Cheese

She-Devil Pizza (Spicy Salami, Burrata, Arugula, Chilies)
Artichoke Parm Pizza (Artichokes, Garlic, Parm, EVOO)
Limone Pepe E Nero Spaghetti
Lemon Herb Salmon ($5 upcharge)

DessertPumpkin CheesecakeFl...

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Eduardo’s is excited to be participating in the CHOOSE CHICAGO JAMES BEARD EATS WEEK AND SNEAK PEEK SOIREE! For the event, we were tasked with creating a featured dish inspired by Beard, the author, chef, and all-around culinary inspiration for whom the award is named. As we researched, we were struck by a particular quote that captured the playfulness and dark sense of humor of the renowned chef:

“I believe that if ever I had to practice cannibalism, I might manage if there were enough tarragon around.”

Thus, we got to work on our signature dish, ‘The Bone Cone:’ We infused our ice cream with bone marrow and tarragon, and included a spatter of blood orange to round it out. Passion for food and sense of humor are two traits that Beard and our chef share. From the dark mind of Beard to the imagination of our chef, this dish is q...

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Eduardo’s Enoteca is proud to announce the launch of our brand new CATERING MENU! With a combination of customer favorites from our menu and an exciting new selection of classic Italian fare, we can make a custom menu to suit any event, from corporate lunches to formal dinners and more.

Looking for small, bite-sized items to be passed at an event? Choose from our selection of 5 delicious Crostini, like the Carciofo with artichoke, grilled zucchini, Havarti dill, pepperonata, and herb aioli; or the Smoked Rainbow Trout with whipped Ricotta, lemon, cucumber, and radicchio. Our Spiedini, or skewers, are also perfect for a small bite. Try the Dattero with date, applewood smoked bacon, marcona almond, pineapple, and citrus glaze; or the...

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It’s the season of love, and we are celebrating Valentine’s Day with authentic Italian food, boutique wine, and a romantic screening of the classic film Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

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Italy is known for it’s healthy population, rich culture and beautiful landscapes. The local food is one of the secrets to the populations health, and it is the Mediterranean diet that is responsible for the foodie lifestyle. Many American reproductions of Italian classics such as pasta with heavy cream-based sauces, pizza with thick dough, and “Italian” sandwiches with processed meats and mayonnaise bare little resemblance to authentic Italian cuisine. So what is it about the Italian diet that is so healthy?

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Italian food is well known for using fresh ingredients packed with nutritional value. Italy is the optimal environment for healthy produce to grow naturally, and traditional Italian food has evolved using the ingredients provided by the land. Most people are aware of the obvious nutritional value in fresh VEGETABLES, but some commonly used ingredients are often overlooked – spices.

Spices are the finishing touch to a dish, and add the extra flavor that helps bring unity to the ingredients. The powerful flavors provided by spices are an obvious benefit, but did you know they are packed with nutritional power? Stay tuned, because we are going to examine the factors that make spices the humble blessings of food, and how they add to a d...

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